Diablo 4 Dungeons Guide

Hi, everyone. Welcome to this Diablo 4 Dungeons guide. Today we’re going to talk about Diablo IV dungeons which are an important part of the game and which you all are going to do. Let’s understand everything in detail about them and figure out how you can absolutely crush them.

Rewards in Diablo 4 Dungeons

There are a total of 115 Diablo IV dungeons right now and I'm pretty sure the number is going to increase drastically as we move closer to the launch. As we all know, they give a lot of different stuff. First, The Codex of Power, which is like a book of a bunch of different legendary powers.

Codex of power unlock when you complete a bunch of specific dungeons. So, when the game releases you may want to check out which D4 dungeons you need to do to unlock the codex of power and what rewards you get when you unlock it.

Every dungeon you complete, you get 20 Renown in that zone. We’ll cover Renowns in a separate guide. But for now, think of them as fame points that are extremely important to get. Collecting Renown makes you way more stronger and gives you skill points. However, 20 Renown dungeons is a bit low. This means you will have to do a lot of dungeons to collect a significant amount.

Then, you get the Diablo 4 gold, which is like the super valuable currency in the game. It helps you respect and get a lot of costly things in the town. Plus, you get a lot of XP to level up.

Dungeons give a lot of different stuff. You get guaranteed D4 item drops, tons of elite monsters, different challenges, and fun events inside of them. Interestingly, when you reach the endgame, you get to play a super version of these dungeons called the Nightmare dungeons (we’ll cover them in a separate guide soon). Doing them will give a ton of extra rewards as compared to the normal dungeons.

Diablo IV Dungeons Vs the Rifts

Before I tell you what a typical dungeon in Diablo IV is like, Let me tell you what it’s not like; The Great Riffs in Diablo III. Riffs were all about opening the riffs, killing as many monsters as you can, killing the final boss, and closing the riffs. That’s it. That’s always that. No variance at all.

But in Diablo IV, you’re always doing a lot of different stuff. You’ll be:

- Activating gate controls,

- Finding and destroying constructs,

- Freeing the prisoners,

- Defeating all enemies in the area,

- Collecting animus from certain monsters,

- Finding and returning the Bloodstone,

- Activating the levers, and finally,

- Defeating the boss.

Talk about variance. There’s a bunch of different tasks you have to do. The great thing about this variance is it breaks up the monotony of the whole thing. You will not be doing the same things over and over again, as you did in Diablo III.

The pace in Diablo IV dungeons is slower than Diablo III as you’re slowly levelling up and don’t have a stronger build as of now. This makes you feel like you’re actually doing something.


First of all, you won’t be seeing every dungeon right from the beginning. A majority of them are unlocked through Stronghold. You know Stronghold, right? They’re the areas where the monsters and demons have completely taken over. You go there and do some special things, then they get unlocked. So, you will be doing a lot of Horizontal progression in order to unlock dungeons.

Monster Families

Now, we’re going to talk about something important and I want you to give your complete attention. Monster families are crucial. Because they drop certain kinds of loot that aren’t smart loot.

A typical smart loot is the loot which you get while playing the game. If you’re playing a rogue, for example, you get bows & arrows as loot. That’s smart loot.

But with Monster families, each of them have a tendency of dropping some specific items. For example, you’re a barbarian and you want to make a rogue with a bow. If I play in normal locations, the amount of bow I’ll get as a loot will be shamefully low. However, If I decide to go to certain locations with monster families to farm, I can get a godly amount of bows as drops (So, a non smart loot). Our Diablo IV Barbarian guide goes into full detail about the class. Make sure you check it also.

So, Dungeons with monster families are really important and so is figuring out which monster family drops what kind of loot.


Shrines are powerful unlike they were in Diablo III where you’re pushing and you get a speed or you get a conduit which is super godly. In Diablo IV, shrines are by-default good. For starters, they give you 35 movement speed. So, running around the dungeons will get you something every time. We will cover all the shrines in a different guide in future, so stay tuned.

I want to cover Side quests in this section as well. Side Quests are like shooting multiple birds with one stone. You can get Gold, Codex of Power, Renown, legendary items, and experience points while doing the side quests.

Also, do not look for the special content in any Diablo IV. They contain a lot of spoilers and you can end up ruining the game after so much waiting. That’s why I’m not covering them in this guide. In fact, I’m not going to cover them before the game releases.

Nightmare Dungeons in Diablo 4

Nightmare Dungeons in Diablo IV are like regular dungeons, but they are harder and have different rules. They were modelled after Greater Rifts in Diablo III. Each Nightmare Sigil is for a different dungeon.

The difficulty levels are tied to the Nightmare Sigils and will keep going up as long as there are more Nightmare Sigils. This also affects how often an item will drop.

Dungeon affixes, which can also be found on Nightmare Sigils, let you change how the player, enemies, and/or the dungeon itself behave. Here are some examples of affixes for dungeons:

All enemies can't be seen unless they're fighting.

Double Bosses

You can get these Nightmare Sigils by doing tasks at the Tree of Whispers. In the next part, you'll learn more about the Tree of Whispers. When you finish a Nightmare Dungeon, you will get a Nightmare Sigil that is stronger.

You will need to plan and strategize a lot, since you will know the dungeon you are going into, the monsters you will face, the level of difficulty, and the affixes you are up against. When you reach higher World Tiers, you'll be able to explore new Nightmare Dungeons.

Blizzard has faced lawsuits, accusations of toxic workplaces, and a game-changing Microsoft takeover that shook the video game community. Blizzard's quarterly Diablo 4 updates have calmed fan concerns about staff turnover, which can disrupt game development. Diablo 4 is progressing steadily, and with plenty of exciting details for players to read, anticipation for the next Diablo game is only growing.

End Note

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