Diablo IV: Promising Leaks and Overview

In the past month, Diablo IV launched closed beta tests, and numerous gameplay footage appeared across the internet. Many players’ hearts skipped a beat as the leaked material performed justly to the expectations. In addition, an anonymous source disclosed that the Diablo IV release can be expected as early as April of 2023. In this article, we will cover the main game features, broach the content and explain the seasonal system of Diablo IV. We hope you are as eager as we are. Let’s delve into it.

The Diablo IV Basics

Diablo IV continues with the succession of action role-playing and hack-and-slash genre enriched by extra Player-versus-Player (PvP) and multiplayer options. The game is set in a dark Diablo world overruled by the chaos that mainly touches on the course of events connected to Sanctuary and the return of Lilith, the daughter of Mephisto. As a player, you can choose from five classes to accommodate your preferred style of playing: Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Rogue, and Sorceress. An interesting upgrade is the new complex web-style Skill Tree tailored to each class's needs. Since the Skill Tree is gradually revealed section by section, players choose the abilities and perks based on their gameplay styles and create unique builds.

Apart from the main storyline consisting of traditional dungeon plundering, quests, enemy slaying, and other progressively challenging content that ensures superior equipment for your character, Diablo IV also offers supplementary Seasonal Realm that will be quarterly updated and on which you can create a new character. This means extra content in the form of new quests, unique monsters, special buffs, and various items and equipment. With the beginning of the New Season, your characters will be moved to the Eternal Realm, where you can continue playing and leveling up; you can keep up to ten characters on the main Realm. After reaching the maximum level, the players can look forward to the unique opportunity of taking part in killing Level 100 World Boss.

Diablo IV Dungeons: World Tiers

Diablo IV’s creators also take pride in the extensive Open World mode with zones limited only by level ranges, allowing for zone-specific item drops, exclusive monsters, and a little under 150 dungeon instances bound to specific locations. As you might have heard, Diablo IV developed a more sophisticated Five World Tier system where each World Tier modifies the game-play difficulty. World Tier One should supply a normal dungeon experience, and World Tier Two (Veteran) should offer you more demanding content with greater rewards. World Tier Three, known as a Nightmare Tier, can be unlocked with a Nightmare Sigil and should open a possibility of defeating more formidable Champion Monsters and acquiring higher-rarity loot, such as Sacred Items. A further difficulty with more challenging monsters and legendary loot proceeds with World Tier Four, labeled as Hell, and the final World Tier Five, known as Torment Tier, were killing the most powerful monsters is rewarded with the finest loot of Ancestral items. Thanks to a Shared World feature, you can cooperate and use other players' help when eliminating certain bosses.

Player-versus-Player Zone and Helltide Event

Besides the elaborate dungeon stratification, the new Diablo presents designated PvP zones, so-called Fields of Hatred, where players can engage in open, free-for-all combat. Should you excel in the PvP combat, there’s a chance of gaining a temporary Champion title, which will make you a possible target of random ambushes by other players, hoping to receive a reward for your decapitation. Throughout the PvP zones, also roam enemy monsters with a chance of dropping Seeds of Hatred. Allegedly, these items can be further dissolved into Red Dust, which serves as a currency for PvP cosmetics and mounts.

Another new aspect of Diablo IV is a monster killing-spree region event known as Helltide. This event usually takes place on the grounds of Sanctuary. It is available only to those who reached World Tier Three difficulty and, therefore can defeat tenacious Servants of Lilith that have a chance of dropping valuable loot.

Character Customization in Diablo IV

We have great news for you if you enjoy personalizing and visual-tailoring your character to your liking. Diablo IV offers a bountiful amount of cosmetic customizations: you can choose from various body types, colors, and placements of tattoos and body paintings, hairstyles, make-ups, different face options, and diverse types of jewelry; you can even opt for various colors of your character’s skin, eyes, and hair. Beyond your character, you can also customize the color of each armor piece in the in-game place called Lair. Another way to reach the desired look of your character is through Microtransactions. Unlike the competitors, Diablo IV refuses the pay-to-win policy and uses Microtransactions and Premium currency, Palladium, strictly for cosmetic features, outfits, and collectibles.


In comparison with Diablo III…

…Diablo IV offers better response time, interactive traversal points providing the game with more vertical depth, and much more detailed resolutions and in-game features regarding individual NPCs. Among the NPCs, you can look forward to is a Weapon Vendor that sells Seasonal items, a Blacksmith that allows the crafting of weapons and armor, an Alchemist that upgrades your elixirs and potions, a Gambling Vendor giving you a chance of winning some of the best items in the game, or a Scroll Vendor that ensures portal and summoning scrolls.

Additionally, there will be more spells and abilities at your disposal as each class utilizes unique class mechanics and developers incorporated as well as a new gathering system that allows you to collect herbs and ores that you can later refine at Alchemist’s.


Diablo IV embraces both complexities of hero role-playing games with the simplicity of slashing content, and we are delighted to say that every gamer with love for challenging monster-killing gameplay will find themselves at home. Some features are yet to be uncovered with the launch of the Diablo IV and we hope them to be as intriguing as the ones revealed to date. Meanwhile, we invite you to check our diablo 4 gold and items services on D4golds.com for a smoother gaming experience in Diablo III and other games. Thank you for stopping by!