Diablo 4 World Boss Ashava the Pestilent Guide

The official date of Diablo IV release is approaching, and to test the difficulty and revamp all possible issues, the developers have incorporated first of the World Bosses, the most intimidating and deadliest enemies found in the whole game, into the beta version and players all around the world are trying their luck defeating the boss and possibly obtaining valuable Legendary items.

In this guide, we will shed light on who Ashava the Pestilent is and cover everything that can await you during the fight with this Diablo IV World Boss, so you can prepare for this challenge and enjoy a smooth cruise through the game.

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Ashava, the Bringer of Plague

Being the first revealed World Boss of Diablo IV, Ashava might foreshadow more than just the formula for future World Bosses. The origins of this demonic creature have been veiled in mystery, although it is anticipated that Ashava is a creation of the Burning Hells and often recognized as an omen of Lilith’s return, for this colossal demon is supposed to lie dormant under the grounds of Sanctuary as a constant reminder of the overhanging presence of Hell.

Ashava appears in the game as a gargantuan abomination with two enormous forearm blades on her limbs that can cut through both flesh and stone. Her title, “The Pestilent,” discloses her connection to the plague and poisons that Ashava uses to taint the ground with and harm the opponents.


Where to Find Ashava in Diablo 4

During the beta version of Diablo IV, Ashava spawns in the east area of Fractured Peaks, the so-called “The Crucible.” Although it is not confirmed whether it is the location Ashava will appear in the official game or whether it is just a temporary spawn spot for testing purposes, it should be relatively easy to find Ashava thanks to the tooltip icon that informs you about the World Boss spawn location thirty minutes in advance.


The Diablo IV beta spawns Ashava the Pestilent only at fixed pre-scheduled times; however, that will likely not be the case for the official version. The exact spawning spot resembles a whirling pool of obscure fluid from which Ashava crawls up to the surface. While emerging from the tarn of dark liquid, Ashava deals local environmental damage to the players and creates poison pools on the ground, beginning the World Boss fight.

How to Fight the World Boss Ashava in Diablo IV

Being one of the biggest monsters in the Diablo franchise, Ashava is surprisingly competent in both melee and ranged combat styles, and her damage impact can prove to be deadly to damage classes standing face-to-face with the Boss. As is typical for Diablo IV, the encounter requires tactical thinking and obeying the game mechanics, for most of the health loss can be avoided by dodging the attacks or being mindful of the environment and positioning. Because the Ashava fight is rather time-demanding and your potion amount is limited, dodging the attacks might be the only key to survival. You can also increase your chances by opting for gear that provides extra evade chances.


Tip: If you are playing a damage class, you can evade Ashava’s attack by keeping behind her back or hindering limbs. On the other hand, Tanks should use Shields, Barriers, and Domes against all physical attacks to withstand possibly fatal damage.


Ashava’s Abilities and Attacks

Ashava uses the following attacks, all of which cause poison damage, so the Poison Resistance gear and elixirs are a crucial factor during this World Boss fight:

● Double Swipe - A double attack that first deals damage by swiping in a full 360-degree circle and then is followed by another 180-degree strike. This ability is a combination of enormous damage within a wide range. You should try to avoid both attacks of the Double Swipe, as they can instantly kill.

● Leap - Ashava leaps towards a player with the intention of gripping. This ability has a knocking-down feature. If you see the animation of Ashava squatting, use evade and make sure not to stand in front of her. This ability deals massive amounts of damage.

● Ground Pound - During this attack, Ashava crushes the ground and swipes to the front and back. The swipe has a pull effect and deals great damage to its victims. The pound is no threat. We encourage you to stay out of the way of this attack.

● Bite - This attack only affects those at close range. Ashava uses this ability four times in a row, with the final bite dealing the biggest amount of damage.

● Acid spit - Ashava creates three pools of poison on the ground that lasts for about 20 seconds.


Tip: In case of death during the fight, we suggest taking the player reviving option before using in-game resurrection. This way, our character will not suffer the 10% durability loss.


Staggering: Incapacitating of Ashava

To gain an advantage against Ashava, your team should focus on Staggering. Below Ashava’s health bar is located a second thin bar that, upon being filled, can cause Staggering of Ashava. The bar can be charged by Crowd Control damage effects, such as Slow, Daze, Taunt, Stun, Chill, Freeze, Immobilize, Fear, Tether, and Knockdown.

After the Staggering effect is triggered, Ashava drops down and is impaired for a duration of twelve seconds. Staggering also causes Ashava to lose one of her forearm blades, which also slightly reduces the range of her attacks. 

Loot from Ashava

As for now, defeating Ashava requires the cooperation of more players than can fit into one party, allowing for up to twelve players to fight the World Boss; however, Ashava’s power scales with the number of players. After the fight, the reward consists of a Legendary item drop and, with a small drop-chance, a Mount trophy, for example, Cry of Ashava.

Final Words
We hope this article will be helpful in your endeavors to conquer the first World Boss that Diablo IV has to offer. Ashava is a formidable opponent, and we are looking forward to finding out what World Boss will appear in the realm of Sanctuary next. If you are interested in more content regarding Diablo IV, make sure to check out our other Diablo 4 news
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